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Color pu plastic hose

Shelf time:2022-08-02
Inventory quantity:> 999 meters
Material:PU、PVC、Steel wire
Color: transparent, white, yellowish, or other specified color
Price: Please inquire us, we will give preferential price, guarantee high quality.

Provide customized color pu plastic reinforced pipes, white, red, blue, yellow and other colors, can be used for agricultural irrigation and fertilization pipes, woodworking vacuum bellows, mechanical conveying pipes, etc. It is a beautiful and durable new variety, most of which are made of hard The quality PVC plastic rib is used as the skeleton, and the pipe wall is made of wear-resistant PU or PVC to achieve the unity of price and performance.

Temperature: -40°C / + 90°C (up to 120°C for a short time)

Hardness: The hardness range of white pu plastic rib tube is wider than other rubbers, the lowest is Shore hardness 10, and most of them have a hardness of 45 to 95. When the hardness is higher than 70 degrees, the tensile strength and fixed elongation strength are higher than those of natural rubber, and when the hardness is 80 to 90 degrees, the tensile strength, fixed elongation strength and tear strength are quite high.

Features: Polyester polyurethane hose, with spiral plastic rib (copper wire can be added). The inner wall is smooth, and the material flows smoothly in the tube.

Elasticity: The elasticity of the color pu plastic rib tube is better, but its hysteresis loss is also relatively large, so the heat generation is high. It is easily damaged under the load conditions of multiple bending and high-speed rolling.

Mineral oil and chemical resistant. It retains good softness even at low temperatures.

Application: For suction and transfer of granules, abrasive powders, shavings or sawdust.

Suitable for conveying powders, granules, chips and other materials of various materials (eg: ceramics, glass, wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.) Suction, discharge and conveying of materials. It is a multi-purpose pu plastic rib tube.

Color pu plastic rib tube: wall thickness 0.40~0.80, plastic rib reinforced food grade (PU) wear-resistant hose. The inner wall is completely smooth and the material flows smoothly. The pipe wall is made of flame-retardant PU material with spiral steel wire plastic-coated reinforcing ribs. Resistance to mechanical pressure, acid and alkali.

The pu plastic rib tube has extremely high softness. The tear strength is relatively high. When the test temperature rises to 100-110°C, the tear strength is equivalent to that of styrene-butadiene rubber. Suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems, can transport gas, welding fumes, dust (moderate wear resistance).

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